How to Make $250 a Day on the Internet as a 47-Year-Old Texan

Being a 47-year-old male from Texas offers unique perspectives, experiences, and potential advantages in the online world. Here’s how you can leverage those to make $250 a day on the internet:

1. Affiliate Marketing with a Texas Twist

Local Perspective: Review and promote products or services that are popular or needed in Texas. This can range from outdoor equipment to local boutique products.

Partnerships: Join affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates, ShareASale, or local Texas-based companies.

2. Start a Texas-Themed Blog or YouTube Channel

Share Your Experience: Whether it’s about Texan lifestyle, BBQ recipes, local travel guides, or outdoor adventures, your unique perspective can attract readers or viewers.

Monetization: Use Google AdSense, affiliate links, or sponsored content to earn revenue.

3. Offer Consultation or Coaching Services

Expertise: At 47, you’ve likely accumulated a wealth of knowledge in a particular field. Offer consultation or coaching services based on your experience.

Platforms: Websites like or can help you get started.

4. Sell Products on Online Marketplaces

Local Crafts: If you have a craft or hobby, consider selling products on platforms like Etsy or eBay. This could be Texan memorabilia, handmade leather goods, or other local crafts.

Dropshipping: Use platforms like Shopify and partner with suppliers to sell products without holding inventory.

5. Online Real Estate Investments

Invest Locally or Broadly: Platforms like Fundrise or CrowdStreet allow you to invest in real estate opportunities either within Texas or nationwide.

Passive Income: Over time, these investments can generate a passive income stream.

6. Teach or Tutor Online

Your Skills: Whether it’s a professional skill, an instrument, or offering English lessons with that Texan accent, platforms like VIPKid, Chegg Tutors, or TakeLessons can connect you to students.

7. Participate in Online Surveys and Reviews

Quick Tasks: Websites like Swagbucks, MTurk, or Survey Junkie offer opportunities to earn money through surveys, tasks, or reviews.

Local Perspective: Sometimes, companies look for regional opinions, and being from Texas could be an advantage.

8. Write and Self-Publish a Book

Texan Tales: Whether it’s fiction set in the Texan landscape, non-fiction about Texas history, or any other topic, platforms like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing can help you self-publish.

Earnings: Gain royalties with every sale.

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9. Texas-Themed Print on Demand

Design: Create Texas-themed designs for apparel, mugs, posters, and more.

Platforms: Use Printful, Teespring, or Merch by Amazon to sell your designs without handling inventory or shipping.

10. Become a Virtual Assistant

Remote Work: Offer services in areas like administration, content management, or customer service. Given the central time zone in Texas, you’re well-positioned to serve clients across the US.

Finding Clients: Websites like Upwork or Zirtual can help you get started.


Being a 47-year-old Texan provides a unique blend of life experiences and cultural insights. By leveraging these, along with the vast opportunities the internet offers, making $250 a day is an achievable goal. Start with what resonates most with you, and remember, consistency is key.

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